Brands and imprints that address different demographics.

Jim Cheshire's published work has covered eras historical and futuristic, contemporary, documentary and critique. To collect this output into series within genres, there are a number of brands and sub-divisions dedicated to different styles. The new Spey Sondheim archival publishing programme will post newly edited material as it becomes available, and also scheduled new works. This imprints page will provide context for brands with supplemental comments, extracts and artwork where available.

Profiles of books past and present, along with their availability, will be accessed through this page along with SKUs and previous publication data. Brands will include Jack Barrett, The Chaos Merchants, Random Skies, The Chanctonbury Press, Invisible Ink., Circa 2D, Metal Moon, Electranet, Sun Temple Codex, Register Group, Grata Brevitas, Storyboard, Company publications, Omicron, Transurban, Press Office, and a slew of others.